New Zealand Cycle Trail Tips

New Zealand offers a wide range of cycle trails for visitors to enjoy, ranging from well-groomed footpath like routes to more rugged mountain trails, all accessible with bike rack car rentals New Zealand. This allows riders of all skill levels to find a route that works for them, however regardless of your level of experience there are a few basic riding and safety tips that you should observe at all times when cycling in New Zealand. Not only do they make sharing the trails with other cyclists easier, but they could also save your life in the worst case scenario.

  • Make sure you understand the difficulty level of the trail. The Department of Conservation has marked trails thoroughly with information about the length and also the skill level required. It’s important that you don’t take on something you aren’t ready for, as it’s difficult to get out once you’re stuck in the middle.
  • Bring emergency supplies, even if it’s a short trail. If you’re heading off-road, it’s important to be prepared for anything that could happen off-road. If your bike becomes unusable or you’re too injured to walk out, it could be hours or even days before you’re rescued. It’s best to treat it just like you would a tramp and make sure someone knows where you’re going and expect to be back, and have supplies to last for several days.
  • Check your gear just before you head out. If the chain slips or a puncture blows, you could be a long way from someone who can help – though keeping a flat tyre kit handy will help a lot. However major faults can happen also, so it’s best to inspect your bike (especially the brakes) before any major ride.
  • Be seen and safe on roads. Not all New Zealand cycle trails are intrepid backcountry tracks – some are part of the roadways all throughout the country. While there may be designated space for cyclists this is often not the case, so it’s important to use extra caution and make sure vehicle users can see you with high visibility gear. Keep left as much as possible, and use signals for at least three seconds before turning or stopping.

These New Zealand cycle trail tips will help you stay safe as well as ensure the safety of other bike user.

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