Mountain Biking In Christchurch

Nestled between sprawling plains and the rolling Port Hills, Christchurch has many opportunities for mountain bikers of all ages and abilities. Perfect for enjoying all year round, they allow you to enjoy the fresh Canterbury air and scenery while getting good exercise and going at your own pace – but you should always check individual track conditions before setting off, as some may be closed due to weather conditions, especially during the winter months.

For those looking for steep climbs and sharp drops, the Port Hills offer an extensive network of tracks and trails, mostly for more advanced skill levels but with opportunities for novice riders as well, while the paths on the flat provide smoother surfaces for those less experienced with technical courses.

Bridle Path

Beginning at the base of the Gondola, this path goes up to the Summit Road and can even finish in Lyttelton, depending on your stamina and whether you want to make it a round trip. It’s a very well maintained, well formed track so those with less intrepid bikes should be able to manage it without problem. It’s a very popular track for both walkers and cyclists, so you need to take care to respect one another.

Rapaki Track

Starting from Rapaki Road, this track offers a gentle but steady gradient that’s perfect for building up stamina up hills if you aren’t used to it. It’s technically very straight going, however you will definitely put your gears to the test with the 250m height gain. It’s an extremely popular track with walkers, especially on weekends, so you need to be cautious and generous with other users – especially other cyclists coming downhill at speed.



Bottle Lake Forest

A large forest park that is criss-crossed with a range of different tracks that you can choose according to difficulty and how long you want your ride to be, ranging from 30 mins to 2 full hours. There are wide, flat trails intersecting the entire park which are perfect for novice riders and families, or those just wanting to enjoy the fresh air and the pine forest. However for those looking for more technical courses, there are many smaller paths with drops, hills, jumps, bank curves and more. There are two main access points – one at Bower Ave and one at Spencer Park.


Christchurch offers great opportunities for bikers, ranging from challenging uphill-downhill courses to more gentle rolls through well maintained forest tracks. There are tracks for every skill level, and all are easily accessed by car with bike rack rentals New Zealand.

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