Cycling Around New Zealand

New Zealand’s spectacular landscape and varied terrain makes New Zealand one of the best countries in the world for cycling and mountain biking experiences. Both islands are packed with stunning scenery and can cater to everyone who is interested with mountain bike trails starting from beginner and moving to more expert levels.

New Zealand Map

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The weather in New Zealand can be unpredictable so be prepared for everything while cycling. The best time to visit New Zealand is November to February, when New Zealand has its summer and autumn. It’s not uncommon to experience strong wings and rainy stretches, especially on the South Island. Be sure to research each area of New Zealand according to the season so you’re prepared.


With so much to see and do in New Zealand it can be hard to budget your time correctly to see the most of the country. If you’re wanting to get the most out of your stay in New Zealand we suggest 3 -6 months is a long enough time span to see the country in a relaxed way and to enjoy all New Zealand has to offer.

For those with less time but still want to see as much as the country as possible we suggest mapping out what you wish to see and using a rental car with a bike rack attached. This can allow you to drive to your next destination so you can cycle around and enjoy the views. We have rental offices in all major cities in New Zealand which makes it very convenient to hire a car while getting the most from your trip.


New Zealand has a wide range of accommodation available to suit a range of needs. If you’re on a budget your best option is camping, there’s plenty of camp sites around New Zealand so it’s possible to plan your cycling adventure going from one camp ground to another. Check out Camping Our Way for more information.

If you’re not interested in camping there’s plenty of hostels, farmstays, motels, bed and breakfasts in New Zealand however, this can quickly add up the costs with many guesthouses charging $80 – $150 per night.

What To Do And See

There’s a huge range of activities and adventures in New Zealand. For more information regarding this visit the following websites: – New Zealand website with a lot of information regarding different activities and events. – Break New Zealand up into different towns are cities to see which each one has to offer.

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