New Zealand Rental Minivan Features

Friday, February 14th, 2014

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A New Zealand rental minivan is a great solution for situations where you need to move a large group of people or luggage with minimal effort. The extra room provides space for not only suitcases, bags and camping equipment but also creates additional legroom that makes for a more comfortable journey and happy passengers. Some of the common applications include:

  • Sports teams getting to and from a venue (can be set up as a regular rental)
  • Outings for children or the elderly (as the extra room makes it easier for these groups to get in and out of the vehicle)
  • Corporate events (can be hired to drop people off at the end of the night if there is alcohol consumed)
  • Group holidays (allows you to take more people and split the costs of the hire, as well as fitting the additional luggage)
  • Situations where multiple cars are inconvenient such as places with limited parking or long-distance group trips.
10 Seater Minivan

10 passenger minivan

Our fleet of rental vans and minibuses are modern and kept in great condition with regular maintenance and care, so you know you’ll be getting a great ride. They have a number of excellent features that add to the comfort of the vehicle:

  • Automatic transmission to make driving easier for those not used to larger vehicles.
  • Air conditioning – an absolute must for longer journeys during the summer
  • Electric windows that can be operated easily by elderly passengers
  • Power steering to make it easier to control the larger sized minivan vehicles
  • Models seating 8, 10 and 12 people depending on your needs. Seats are seat belted and secure, and there is ample room to move around inside the vehicle.

Rental minivans offer a huge range of features that make them perfect for an event or for a trip with a larger group of people. Save money by minimising the amount of vehicles you need to take and streamline your journey. Book in advance to secure your minivan rental from our handy locations in New Zealand.


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