New Zealand Rental Car Trip – Auckland to Rotorua

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

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The North Island of New Zealand offers stunning views and attractions for rental car trips, and Auckland to Rotorua takes you through a run of spectacular country that must be seen to be believed. From city to farmland to volcanic tundra, you’ll be taken on a geographical as well as scenic journey. The following are our top picks for things to see and do along the way. Start your journey in Auckland, international gateway to New Zealand and a city with a lot of character. There are USAVE car depots in both the city and at the airport, depending on your convenience. All around Auckland you’ll find forest and beach walks, as well as lots of charming suburbs such as Titirangi or Parnell. Spend a few days zipping around enjoying the harbour atmosphere and sampling local food and culture. When you’re all done, head south along the southern motorway. Follow the Waikato River south through green pastures, with vineyards and dairy farms all along the way. You’ll encounter a turn-off to Raglan, which is a popular surf destination as well as a hot spot for a sunny day at the beach. In cooler weather you can make a detour to Waingaro Springs, which offers relaxing hot springs to soak in and unwind. When you reach Hamilton, you’ll find a thriving rural city, with river cruises, botanic gardens, cafes and restaurants. Spend some time enjoying the local attractions and culture. From Hamilton, head south. You absolutely will not want to miss the incredible Waitomo Caves – a gigantic natural cave network that is decorated with beautiful glow-worms. There’s a mix of traversable public caves and some that need to be accessed via a tour company. There’s also river rafting, abseiling and group cave tours that take you deep into the earth. There are also native forest walks in this area. When done, head back up the way you came along State Highway 2 and turn east onto State Highway 1 to reach Rotorua, a large pleasant town that’s famous for being a geothermal hot spot. You’ll find bubbling mud pools, steaming sulphur pools, geysers and natural hot springs, some of which are accessible to the public. There’s also rivers and lakes nearby for trout fishing and bird spotting.

Auckland to Rotorua makes for a fantastic road trip, taking you through unforgettable scenery and a rich sampler of what the North Island has to offer. Grab your car from our Auckland car rental branch or our Auckland airport car rental branch. 

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