New Zealand Car Rentals vs Flying

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

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Travelling New Zealand By RoadThere are many ways to get from A to B, and in New Zealand the two main methods of transport are by car and by plane. Every holiday is different and you should weigh up a number of different factors before deciding how you want to travel. Although travelling by air is quicker and more direct, there are some great reasons to consider New Zealand car rental instead.

Why Choose New Zealand Car Rentals

  • Everything’s pretty close together and traffic is far lighter than other countries, so car travel times are comparatively low in New Zealand. Unlike huge landmass countries such as Australia or the USA, it’s possible to traverse the entire length of the country in a few days if you really wish.
  • New Zealand car rentals show you more of the scenery. And what amazing scenery it is! Not only is the New Zealand landscape incredibly beautiful, it’s also extremely diverse. You’ll encounter wide plains, snowy mountains, lush native forests, rugged coastlines and spectacular beaches all in the same day. There’s a reason Hollywood keeps filming movies here – the natural splendour of the country is easily accessible and totally unique.
  • You can avoid the beaten track by visiting smaller, less well known towns and attractions along your route. Most tourists will see all the main sights, so to make your holiday stand out from the rest head off the tourist trail to experience something different. New Zealand car rentals give you the freedom and mobility to investigate the little hidden treasures along the way and a well-informed car rental agent will be able to advise you on some of the local best kept secrets.
  • Although there are some budget airlines such as Jetstar, air travel in New Zealand can get expensive, especially if you want to visit several regions. New Zealand car rentals can be more cost effective and allow you to travel exactly where you want, when you want. No rushing to catch your flight, no cramped seating and waiting in line – just jump in your hire car and go!

So when you make your New Zealand travel plans, consider which transportation option best suits you. If you’re pressed for time, nothing beats the speed and efficiency of flying. If you have more time to spare and can take a more relaxed pace, a rental car gives you the ability to see more at your own page and create a trip that you’ll always remember.

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