Guide to a Budget Rental Car Holiday in New Zealand

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

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A New Zealand holiday doesn’t have to cost the earth – by being smart with your budget rental car, affordable attractions and accommodation, you can enjoy a low-cost holiday that you’ll remember for a lifetime for all the right reasons. With such a big tourist industry, there are many options that cater to people on a budget – and most importantly, all of the beautiful natural wonders are available for anyone to see at no cost at all! These tips offer some ideas for cutting the costs of your New Zealand rental car holiday.

The first step is to choose the right rental car for you. The budget options will still be well maintained and serviced and fully functional – offering you everything you need from a zippy runaround car. Budget rental cars offer a good deal at any time of year (and are usually very fuel efficient), but it’s also worthwhile to check out any special offers to see if you can snag an even better bargain. Driving gives you the freedom to choose what you see and where you see, and some of the best scenery in New Zealand is along its driving roads.

Accommodation will always be a big part of your budget. New Zealand has a lot of affordable backpackers, but an even cheaper option is purchasing a tent (or bringing one with you, if you have something small and your luggage allows it), which gives you the opportunity to camp instead of having to purchase rooms. There are camping grounds everywhere, including secluded scenic spots with no other accommodation options. You can purchase everything you need for a basic tenting holiday either in low-cost department stores or through online auctions, and if you plan to stay for a longer term the investment definitely balances out.

Plenty of free attractions and activities exist, you just need to know where to find them. Doing research is important, and a great place to start is the Department of Conservation website. DOC is committed to maintaining the natural environment and keeping it accessible to the public. The website is full of free walking tracks, points of interest and low-cost camping sites. It’s a great resource that allows you to make the most of what the country naturally has to offer.

New Zealand has many options available to those looking for an affordable holiday. From budget rental car offers to fantastic camping opportunities, there’s so much to explore without overspending.

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