New Zealand Rental Minibus Driving Tips

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

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12 Seat MinibusUSAVE Rentals offers a range of minibus rental options, giving you more flexibility when it comes to moving groups of people. They can be useful for an outing or school excursion, as well as for cutting down costs and making a trip with extended family and friends.  They provide ample leg room and luggage space, and are perfect for going longer distances when you want to make the journey more comfortable for everyone. In general minibuses are easy to drive and manoeuvre, but there are some driving tips you should observe for the sake of safety and economy.

Minibus Rental Driving Tips

1. Learn your field of vision

Before you start driving, take a moment to fully inspect your mirrors and understand the limits of your vision. If you’re used to only diving cars in particular, you may find the lack of rear view mirror in larger models unnerving. Get used to using the side mirrors to see behind you, and make any adjustments before you take off. Similarly, it’s also a good idea to get used to the size of the vehicle, although once you’re on the open road there most likely won’t be too much issue.

2. Use a little less gusto

Minibuses take longer to slow down than smaller vehicles, especially once you’ve stacked your minibus full of people and luggage. So take off your lead boots and drive a bit more slowly than you would in your usual ride. Make sure you keep plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front to provide ample stopping distance. Break steadily and calmly – stamping on the breaks could make you lose control of your minibus if you’re not careful.

3. Remember your size

Minibuses have larger engines to match their larger size, but once they’re weighed down with people and luggage there’s a lot to slow them down. Keep to the left as much as possible when driving so that other people can overtake you when you’re driving slowly, and don’t try to overtake others unless it’s absolutely safe to do so. You may also find some difficulty on steep hills, so go slowly and use gears carefully to ensure you don’t slip, especially in icy or wet conditions.

4. Keep an eye on fuel

Since minibuses have larger engines, they use more petrol. Make sure you won’t be stuck in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank by refuelling regularly and ensuring you have enough to get you to the next pitstop. Keep an eye on your fuel gauge. Although it requires more petrol, because of the increased capacity you should be able to split the costs.

Think about a rental minibus or van to make your next trip that much more comfortable and easy.  Our fleet of minivan and minibus rentals are affordable, simple to drive and great for transporting people and luggage. Most of our vehicles can be driven on a regular class 1 driving licence, so no special drivers are needed.

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