Drive Safely in Your Christchurch Rental Car

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

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Road Closed SignChristchurch has a uniquely challenging driving environment right now, especially for tourists and people unfamiliar with the changing road layout. Make sure you’re safe driving your Christchurch rental car in the city with advice from our Christchurch car rentals team.

The September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes and resulting aftershocks caused serious damage across the city, with torn up roads and unsafe buildings causing many road closures. However, repairs are well underway and much of the central business district has reopened, with access routes improving every day.

Despite this there are still a number closed roads and diversions in place, as well as some moderately damaged streets still operating, making driving conditions a bit challenging for the uninitiated.  So how can you get around the city safely in a Christchurch rental car?

Christchurch Safe Driving Tips

  • Look ahead and be extra vigilant. Road conditions in Christchurch can change very quickly and although there should be plenty of warning signs, potholes, lane changes, diversions and road closures can catch even the locals off guard, so study the road ahead of you and decide well in advance if you need to turn off or change lanes.
  • Be courteous and careful. Leave plenty of space behind the vehicle in front, double check your blind spots and signal clearly before changing direction so as not to cause other drivers to break sharply or take evasive action.
  • Go slowly. The bumpy, potholed roads can do significant damage to your Christchurch rental car if you hit them too fast, so reducing your speed, especially on damaged roads is a good idea. Excessive speed can also further damage these roads and shake residents’ unstable homes, so please be mindful.
  • Allow extra time. Changes to traffic flows in the city have unpredictable consequences, and you may find yourself in a jam or taking a detour. Give yourself more time to reach your destination than you normally would to compensate.

Getting Around Christchurch

Because detours, lane closures and repair schedules are changing on a regular basis the best way to ensure your planned route is accessible is to check one of the websites set up to keep Christchurch locals updated.

Christchurch is still a beautiful city with many things to see and do, and the events of the last couple of years needn’t put people off hiring a Christchurch rental car and seeing the sights. You do need an extra level of caution, but the city’s story of hope and recovery is one of the reasons Christchurch is such an interesting and unique place to visit right now.

Christchurch Rental Cars

If you’re looking for an affordable rental car for your stay in Christchurch, look no further than our brand new Christchurch rental car depot just a few minutes from the Airport. We have a large selection of rental cars, vans and minibuses for all your Christchurch travel needs.

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