The 4 Best Auckland Airport To City Transport Options

Friday, July 20th, 2018

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Catering for large numbers of domestic and international travellers, Auckland Airport is New Zealand’s busiest airport facility. Whether you are heading up north around the coastal Northland region, down to the adventurous Bay of Plenty, deep into Lord of the Rings territory in the Waikato or further afield to Wellington and beyond, Auckland Airport provides a convenient gateway to New Zealand’s many sightseeing opportunities, attractions and activities.

Auckland Airport

Situated near the suburb of Mangere, the Auckland Airport is only a short distance from the central city (roughly 20 km), and although many people choose to hire a rental car from Auckland Airport streamlining their New Zealand travel experience, for some organising transport between the airport and the central city is necessary.

Fortunately there are plenty of modes of transport on offer, take a look below for four of the best Auckland Airport transport options. (Please note prices given in this article are in NZ dollars and provided as a guide only, actual costs will be determined by the individual operators at the time of travel).

1. Share The Shuttle

Taking an Auckland Airport shuttle bus can be a great option for large groups, especially when you are all departing from the same location. There are several companies that offer shuttle services to and from the Auckland Airport, along with private hotel and motel shuttle services (It is worth checking with your accommodation provider to see if they offer this service).

  • Auckland Airport To City Shuttle Prices. The cheapest shuttle services from Auckland Airport to the city are around $15 per person, but prices can range up to around $40 per person. Booking ahead is highly advised.
  • Auckland Airport To City Shuttle Travel Times. Although only 30 minutes direct by car, be aware that when taking the shuttle travel times may vary greatly, the more people in the minivan the more stops the driver will have to make, potentially adding a significant amount of travel time to the journey.

The Super Shuttle Auckland

An Auckland Airport approved shuttle service is the Super Shuttle. The Super Shuttle operates 24/7 and usually consists of an 11 seater minivan with attached luggage trailer. Pick up and drop off is super convenient with a door-to-door service provided in most cases. The Super Shuttle Auckland airport pickup location is not far outside the terminal buildings, and while booking in advance is the best way to ensure a seat often there is the option to purchase a seat on the spot (subject to availability). Super Shuttle fees are subject to change and depend on conditions of travel but the standard rate from the Auckland Airport to the central city is currently around $35. 

Other Auckland Airport Shuttle Providers

Auckland Traffic

2. Rent A Car

Sometimes thought of as too pricey the reality is hiring a car from the Auckland airport can actually save you time and money.

Firstly the convenience of having a hire car ready and waiting is hard to beat, giving you the freedom to jump in and hit the road with a full tank of gas and without any hassle or waiting around for buses or cramming into a shuttle. Grab the keys and hit the road in no time at all as rental car agencies usually operate from within the airport terminals or very nearby.

Secondly there are no pesky airport parking fees to pay when picking up or dropping off, no worries about where to park or what to do with the car while you are away. And lastly you have the bonus of adding flexibility to your travels, decide where you want to go and when without wasting any of your precious holiday time.

All good car hire companies have an online booking service and will even provide some handy travel tips or advice if required.

  • How Much Does An Auckland Rental Car Cost? Car hire rates do vary depending on the type of vehicle you require, length of hire period and other hire conditions, but generally speaking you should be able to pick up cheap car hire for as little as $25 per day. Always keep an eye out for specials though and you might even get a better deal!
  • Auckland Airport To City Rental Car Travel Times. Traveling by rental car to the central city means you can take the most efficient route to the city, depending on the time of day this usually takes around 30 minutes. GPS Guidance Systems (available for hire with your rental car) are great for pointing out the less congested, and different route options.

Driving In Auckland Using GPS

3. Grab A Cab

Taxi cab stands are easily accessed just outside the domestic and international terminals. Taxis are always available but booking ahead is possible if preferred.

As the Auckland Airport restricts which taxi companies can make pick-ups from its airport, be sure to check with the taxi company before making a booking, or see here for a list of the current approved taxi companies. Any taxi company is able to make drop offs.

  • Auckland Airport To City Taxi Fare. Taxi fares from the Airport to the central city will vary greatly but generally you will be looking at anywhere from $40 to $100 NZD, of course this will depend on where you are headed and individual taxi company rates. It pays to ask for a flat rate or for an price indication before entering the taxi.
  • Auckland Airport To City Taxi Travel Times. A normal trip by car to the central city takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Taking a taxi means you get the added bonus of a driver with local knowledge of the best routes and areas to avoid when traffic is congested.

4. Ride The Bus

Operating 24/7 the SkyBus is the Auckland airport bus transfer service, it will take you in towards the central city with loads of drop-off points, all you have to do is pick the one closest to your destination.

The SkyBus service operates 24 hours a day, every hour during the day and less frequently during the evening. SkyBus Tickets are available from selected accommodation providers throughout the city, i-Sites, kiosks at the airport, online and on a ‘cash only’ basis from the bus driver.

  • Auckland Airport To City Public Bus Fare. Currently prices sit at about the $18 mark for a one way trip, although discounts are sometimes offered when purchasing online.
  • Auckland Airport To City Bus Travel Times. Airport to city transfers can take anywhere from 55 minutes to an hour or more, it will be highly dependent on traffic volumes at the time of travel.

Travel to and from the Auckland Airport doesn’t have to be a hassle, the wide range of Auckland airport transport options means there is sure to be something that suits every traveler. Just remember when calculating travel times be sure to take into consideration the effects of Auckland’s high traffic volumes especially at peak traffic times.


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