GPS Units Are Optional

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

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At USAVE we offer quality Garmin GPS navigation units for hire in any class of vehicle. If this is your first time in New Zealand you may benefit from renting a GPS unit. While New Zealand has excellent sign posting it’s still advantageous to consider using a GPS system. Some of the roads in New Zealand in the more remote and rural areas can cause problems. Using a GPS can help you spot any difficult terrain or corners that are coming up.

Benefits Of Using A GPS

There are many benefits to using the GPS over traditional methods:


If you only have a limited time in New Zealand you’ll want to see as much as possible. This is when a GPS can help you get to your destination much more efficiently. After a long flight the last thing you want is to be lost in Auckland trying to find your hotel. At USAVE you can pick up your rental car from our Auckland airport branch, use the GPS we have for rent so you can get to your hotel faster.


A GPS unit will allow you to plan your trip with time estimates on travel duration. This allows you to carefully plan your trip so you don’t miss a thing.

GPS Units Are Optional

At USAVE GPS units are optional. GPS units can have many benefits but sometimes it’s fun to go where the wind blows and see what happens.

It’s often said that locals have the best knowledge and at USAVE we are proud to be experts regarding traveling in New Zealand. Speak to our enthusiastic staff about your planned trip and we’ll tell you the best places to go at no extra charge.

Use our knowledge in combination with our GPS units to get the most our of your trip in New Zealand.

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