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Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

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Summer is a great time of year to be out fishing in Canterbury – the days are long, the weather is fine and the local scenery becomes truly beautiful. With many braided rivers and wide lakes, the plain country offers a range of locations to cast your line and try your luck. They’re often great swimming or outdoor fun areas as well, so why not pick up a large rental vehicle and take all your friends and family out for the day? For those passing through the country, you can often hire fishing gear as well.

Many locations offer public access, but be careful of accidentally straying onto private property.

Rakaia River – Offering up the best salmon run anywhere in North Canterbury, the Rakaia river is rightfully a popular spot for fishers. The river mouth is the best place to try your luck, and it can be accessed on either side via small roads and settlements, though an easy walk may be necessary to find a suitable spot to set up. You can launch boats from the North Rakaia Huts boating ramp, but otherwise there’s a range of places to launch smaller vessels along the banks.

Birdling’s Flat – Birdling’s flat is famous for its rough and tumble waves that make it hazardous for swimming, but perfect for fishing. The rocky beach is a great place to set up and try for red cod, particularly at the change of light. You’ll need special surfcasting equipment and a vehicle that can handle the loose stones on the beach if you want to be able to drive closer to the water.

Akaroa Harbour Channel – Most people know Akaroa as the quaint French-flavoured seaside town of Bank’s Peninsula, but it also offers some great fishing opportunities. The harbour channel needs to be accessed by boat (of which there are many, with a number of fishing services available who can also furnish you with rod and gear) to fully make the most of this natural environment, which puts you in line to see rare Hector’s dolphins and other native marine species. If your luck isn’t so good and you end up without a catch, there are many restaurants and eateries along the shore that will provide you with an excellent meal instead.

Fishing and outdoor pursuits are a huge part of the Canterbury region’s culture, and Christchurch summer fishing is a great way to enjoy the natural environment on offer with a rental vehicle.

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