Car Rental New Zealand: 5 Tips For Travelling With Kids

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

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Travelling With Kids By CarWhen planning a self-drive holiday or road trip, it’s easy to overlook one important aspect – the journey. Getting everything sorted out in terms of accommodation, activities, car rental and packing can be so overwhelming that you forget to prepare for the long car ride ahead of you. For those with children, this oversight can set your New Zealand holiday off on the wrong foot as everyone involved becomes grumpy and frustrated.

To avoid tears and tantrums, consider the following tips for travelling by car with kids:

1. Keep everyone hydrated

Dehydration is a major reason that kids can get grumpy or operate on a shorter fuse than normal. Make sure everyone has a water bottle and that it’s filled regularly.

2. Keep everyone cool

Similarly, high temperatures can lead to high tensions. Most New Zealand car rental vehicles will have excellent AC and coolers but check before you book your rental car.

3. Block out the sun

Bright sunlight can give kids a headache, especially if they’re on the side of the car that’s continuously being exposed to it. Use a towel lodged in the window to shield them from New Zealand’s harsh sun.

4. Keep everyone occupied

Kids act up when they’re bored, so making sure they have some kind of entertainment on hand nips this kind of behaviour in the bud.

5. Stop regularly and meaningfully

Quick leg stretchers are important for any trip, but for kids it’s important to get away from the car and give them a proper break. Make sure your route has plenty of rest stops – there’s nothing worse for your stress levels than hearing that someone wants the toilet or is hungry every five minutes.

Travelling with children on New Zealand’s roads can be an ordeal if you don’t prepare properly, but it’s something that can be made a lot easier by thinking ahead and keeping everyone happy and comfortable.

Car Rental New Zealand

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