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Thursday, January 30th, 2014

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The Canterbury region is famous for its farming heritage, and particularly for its sheep rearing. It’s been the backbone of the local economy ever since the region was first settled, and continues to be a large part of the culture. For those visiting it’s an interesting insight into the local way of life, and well worth a tour around the region to take a look for yourself in a Christchurch rental car.

The roads in Canterbury are flat and gentle and the scenery changes dramatically depending on the season, making it perfect for a rental car trip. Our handy Christchurch car rentals depot is the perfect starting point, as there are many major roads out of the city in all directions. Simply choose your direction and get started! Most locations will be well within a day’s comfortable drive of each other so it’s very possible to link them up into a consecutive holiday, but they can also be reached for a day trip individually as well.

Rangiora is a small town just outside Christchurch and a great first destination for those wanting to learn more about farming. The main street is still in the original building style, and many of the stores cater to the farmers who operate in the area. Heading further north will take you towards Loburn and the Ashley river, and there are many farms along the way. This is true New Zealand farming scenery, and the small towns are great for stopping for lunch.

Another north Canterbury town that should be on your list is Geraldine, a smaller township with a main street filled with artisan and crafts shops, as well as speciality fudge and chocolate stores. There’s also a museum here with lots of artifacts and accounts from life on the plains for settlers, giving an insight into the hardships and trials they went to in order to farm here.

Under an hour from Geraldine, Ashburton is a slightly larger town with just as much farming history and character.

Farming completely shaped the Canterbury region, changing the way it was developed, the trees that were cut down and the towns that still populate it today. For those looking to go beyond the surface of pretty scenery and quaint townships, learning about the agricultural tradition will explain how and why Canterbury is so distinctive. A Christchurch rental car is the perfect way to explore and learn at your own pace.

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